Next Volunteer preparation course will now be held on-line, via ZOOM (all zoom instructions will be sent out prior to each session) Starting - Thursday 21st January 2021 Finishing - Thursday 11th March 2021 Time - 10-11.30am. Please click the volunteer link for a application form and further information. Or contact the office tel: 0117 9501170 / email [email protected]

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Who can refer families to Home-Start?

The main referrers to Home-Start are health visitors and professionals in the social care and early years sectors. Others include GP’s and those working in the fields of mental health, education and probation. Families can also self refer.

If you would like to refer someone to Home-Start Bristol download our Referral Form

(Please note due to COVID-19 and office closures please send all referrals by email only to [email protected]

If you live in Bristol or South Gloucestershire, have at least one child under five and feel you would benefit from the support of a volunteer, you can refer yourself by completing a short Self-Referral Form (Nov 2020)

Please return the referral form to Unit 11, The Greenway Business Centre, Doncaster Road, Bristol, BS10 5PY or email us at [email protected].  Once we have received your referral we aim to match you with a volunteer within 4-6 weeks. For more information about the referral process and waiting time please refer to……. Managing Referrals and Waiting periods March 2018 

Family Stories


Sue, our volunteer, is our helper and our friend. My daughter and I look forward to her visit on a Tuesday morning as she just brightens up our day.

My condition is very rare and it can be unpredictable as to how I am going to feel from one day to the next.   I struggle being able to take my 2 year old daughter out and about because of my walking aids and  sometimes scooter. Me and my daughter have such a lovely relationship with Sue who I have been meeting since January – her support and help just makes it a little easier.

Sue is my little ray of sunshine – she knows when things are good or bad before even talking to me, normally it’s when me and my daughter are still in our pjs!(pyjamas). She is someone I can sit down with, have a cup of tea and just let all my problems and worries flow out. She is an amazing listening ear.

Sue also supports us on outings to the supermarket and to the park. In the house she also helps chores ‘have a little starter’ from putting washing on the airer to loading the dishwasher or running the hoover around.  Louise (mum)

What Families Say

When Home-Start support is concluded the family is asked to fill out an evaluation form.  Here are just a few of the comments made from families in Bristol and South Gloucestershire:

‘The routine of knowing S, my volunteer, was coming worked well for me. I really appreciated the fact that she was a volunteer and supporting me in her own time.’

‘Our volunteer from Home-Start is invaluable, we look forward to our weekly visits which bring a  welcome break for me and much needed support during difficult times such as hospital stays.’

Information for Professionals

In any local community Home-Start will be one of several organizations working with families and we value our relationships with other agencies. Since Home-Start is a voluntary organisation it can offer a flexible approach to individual families.

Home-Start support is not a substitute for professional services but complementary to them, and the best results are achieved through an active partnership between professionals and Home-Start.