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A Family’s Story

Mum Furaha was matched with volunteer, Maroussia (pictured below), because she speaks hardly any English but both speak French!
Here she talks about her experience – thank you Furaha for sharing this……

‘At the start I felt a bit nervous. It was so hard, there was no one to look out for me. Being separated from my family, being alone, it felt like I was stuck in a corner. But then, knowing someone would be coming every week, it made a real difference to me.
Even when you don’t know the person, even during the times when they’re not with you, knowing someone is going to come every week and look out for you gives you a bit of hope. When Maroussia was coming I had my ears on the door, waiting to hear the knock at the door.
We tried out various groups. Even if there were times when I didn’t want to go out, being with Maroussia gave me the courage to go.
It is good to have someone coming with you, to make you brave enough to go. Although I thought these groups are not for me, when I saw how much baby enjoyed them it helped me trust myself and be brave enough to go. I hope that even though Maroussia isn’t coming anymore I will still find the strength to go by myself.’ (Furaha)

(Dictated in French to Maroussia).

If Maroussia has inspired you to think about volunteering download an Volunteer Application Form to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

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