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A Family’s View

A few months ago mum Charlotte shared why she had needed support from Home-Start Bristol….(read her story below)

We are again very grateful to Charlotte and her lovely family, not only for being so open about their experience, but agreeing to have some photographs taken…..here are just a few.

‘My world crashed when I accidentally fell pregnant with twins just 2 months after giving birth to my son who was born blind and with other disabilities.

Myself and their dad were not getting on at all – the stress of everything ripped us apart. That on top of already having 2 older children completely knocked me for six. I lost myself and became very depressed. I was completely dependent on anyone who would lend their help once the twins arrived – it was overwhelming, never having any time to rest or to myself. I felt like an failure, a rubbish mum not being able to care for my babies on my own. I became isolated – I was not able to get out and about with the 3 babies on my own so spent most my time in doors avoiding visits from my small circle of friends. I was at as at an ‘all time’ low.

From the moment I met Chanel, my Home-Start Bristol volunteer, I knew she was perfect for us. All the children love seeing her – she is like a breath of fresh air. My disabled son bonded with her right away – she was very understanding of his needs and he has thrived. It gave me chance to relax, have someone to talk to and be mummy to the twins whilst watching him have fun right next to me. Since visits started we’ve started going out (with her help) to the shops, walks, and local groups. My relationship with my partner has improved massively! We are actually a family again.’ (Charlotte)

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